Specialized in

stainless steel

and carbon steel

Our solutions are developed to attend the client’s needs by creating custom projects.

Since 1991

We are fully committed in everything we do.

We operate in the welding and metal processing business, and we have specialized in stainless steel and carbon steel.
Please see our document Quality Policy, Vision, Mission and Values.

Our solutions are developed to attend the client’s needs by creating custom projects that result in the production and implementation of products and equipment made by highly specialized technicians.

Estamos certificados pela SGS, ao abrigo da NP EN ISO 9001:2015, para o Desenvolvimento e Produção de Hidropneumáticos, Termoacumuladores, Cubas, Reservatórios e Peças Diversas

Development and Production of Hydropneumatics,
Storage Water Heaters, Vats, Tanks and Other Pieces.


Vision 20/30

Jotainox’s strategy is built on the development of a portfolio of innovative and competitive projects, guided by the continuous investment in Investigation and Development (I&D) to ensure sustained business growth.

These guidelines enable the creation of value for clients and business partners and are supported by differentiated solutions within our sector of activity.


Sectors of Activity

Chemistry and Petrochemicals
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic
Naval / Aeronautics
Oil and Gas


Manufacture of any type of products in stainless steel and carbon steel

Manufacture and assembly of heat exchangers;

Manufacture and assembly of every type of vats for storage of products, such as wine, dairy, beer, water, soft drinks, and other liquids.

Manufacture and assembly of hydropneumatics, storage water heaters, expansion vessels;

Manufacture and assembly of every type of tanks for the accumulation of gases and liquids, with or without pressure, with or without insulation;

Manufacture and assembly of metallic structures, pipe racks and pipe/tube supports;

Manufacture and assembly of pipelines/tubing for the transportation of any kind of liquids, with or without pressure; for heat, cold and steam transport networks; for firefighting;

Pre-Fabrication & Industrial Assembly

Pre-fabrication and various industrial assemblies, customed by the client.

Services Provision

Provision of services in the welding and metalworking area, such as welders, pipe fitter, servitors, and steel erectors.


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